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Technical specifications


Technical specifications

How much power can Power by Contact® deliver ?

Our technology can deliver up to 100W, following the USB-C Power Delivery specifications. We can increase this power for specific use cases.

How fast does it charge?

Power by Contact® can charge devices as fast as a cable.

Which devices does Power by Contact® technology support?

Power by Contact® receivers can be embedded in almost any device, offering versatile and cost-effective integration to manufacturers. Most USB-C devices can also be equipped with specific adapters, enabling compatibility to existing products.

How does Power by Contact® technology work ?

Power by Contact® is a contact-based charging technology. The transmitter is composed of conductive tiles and a groundbreaking detection system. The receiver is made of two electrodes and a unique identifier.  As soon as an equipped device is placed on a charging mat, its receiver is detected and the battery starts charging with the required power.

Do the devices have to be placed precisely on the surface?

Power by Contact® guarantees total freedom of placement. You can drop and charge your device anywhere on the charging mat.

How many devices can be powered at once ?

Power by Contact® allows multiple devices to be charged simultaneously on the same charging mat. The maximum number of devices that can be charged simultaneously mostly depends on the charging mat’s size and its power input.

Can you charge devices at different voltages ?

Our technology offers multi-voltage charging. The transmitter identifies the exact voltage and amperage needed by each receiver, and dynamically adapts the load in accordance to their requirements.




Why choose conduction over induction ?

Inductive charging poses numerous challenges to electronic devices manufacturers and users : low power transfer efficiency, high integration costs, low charging speed, limited power, and no freedom of placement.

Power by Contact® offers the most efficient and reliable wireless charging solution, with high charging speed, total freedom of placement and optimal charge efficiency. It is also cost-effective to embed for device manufacturers.

Do I need to redesign my products to make them Power by Contact® compatible ?

Power by Contact® offers a versatile integration: the receiver has a very compact form factor and can fit in most product’s industrial design. You don’t need to entirely redesign your product to embed it. External USB Type-C adapters also make it possible to retrofit existing devices.

Are energysquare technologies protected with intellectual property ?

Power by Contact® is covered by many IP rights, including international patents, reference designs, know how and trademarks.




Is it good for batteries ?

Power by Contact® is embedded on top of the device’s original charging standard and protocols. It is compliant with USB-C Power Delivery, and therefore optimal for any type of battery. It also adds multiple layers of protection and charge monitoring, making sure the battery always receives the exact amount of required power.

What happens if a liquid or a conductive object is put on the charging surface ?

Power by Contact®’s foreign object detection system will stop the charging immediately if a foreign object is detected on active tiles.

Is Power by Contact® certified ?

As our technology does not use induction, its electromagnetic emissions are very limited, thus making it easily certified. Our clients embedding Power by Contact® easily received CE, FCC and equivalent certifications.




Is Power by Contact® technology durable ?

Power by Contact® transmitters and receivers are conceived in robust materials, making it very durable over time. Both parts can be sealed in order to be 100% waterproof. We make sure our electronic circuits do not overheat, allowing them to keep functioning over time.

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