Wireless charging

at full efficiency

At energysquare, we want to enhance the user experience of charging devices. This is why we created our patented contact-based wireless charging technology Power by Contact®.

Power by Contact® explained

Behind our patented technology Power by Contact® lies a conductive power transfer solution completely unique on the market. Unlike inductive charging, our technology operates through direct contact between a transmitter and receiver. Therefore its name, Power by Contact®.

How does it work ?

The Power by Contact® conductor-to-conductor connection is conceptualized by a charging pad consisting of tiles acting as transmitter and by electrodes on the device being the receiver. Eventually, through the placement of the device electrodes on the charging surface the transmitter detects the chargeable device and activates power transfer.

Our algorithms can differentiate a device to be charged from any other object and actively monitor the charging status.

An all-in-one conductive

wireless charging technology

Drop & Charge

Our tech offers freedom of placement, even for large devices like laptops.

Different Voltages

Power by Contact® adapts the load to the device’s voltage, enabling high compatibility and multi-charging.

Cost Effective

Our technology’s compact design seamlessly integrates with devices, making it suited for consumer to premium markets.

Multiple Devices

Our charging algorithms are designed to simultaneously charge multiple devices.

Fast Charging

Power by Contact® is able to charge devices as fast and efficiently as wired chargers, delivering up to 100W.

Wave Free

As a conductive charging technology, Power by Contact® emits no electromagnetic waves, minimizing interferences, overheating, and energy loss.

Power by Contact® delivers

unprecedented power and efficiency

SpecificationsInductivePower by Contact®USB-C Wired charging
Full charging speed
Drop & charge
Energy efficient
No overheating
Wave free
Data transfer
Cost effective
Easy to embed

Power by Contact® is a concentrate of

advanced algorithms

Charging protocols implemented in our technology ensure your device is detected and charged in the best conditions.

Smart Detection

Sensors and algorithms embedded in our technology identify precisely what is positioned on the charging surface and start power transfer only when a compatible device is detected. If anything else (e.g. liquid or metallic item) gets in contact with the charging surface, it will remain inert and no current will be sent.

We meet safety standards

Because our system does not emit electromagnetic waves and operates at low voltage, Power by Contact® is compliant with FCC and CE certifications.

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