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Power by Contact® is a game changing technology in many industries, answering power and connectivity needs for the office, professionals and consumers.

Power by Contact® wireless charging for a cable free office

Enjoy a

zero wire office

We provide best-in-class wireless docking solutions to seamlessly charge and connect all your devices.

Working is easier at a tidy desk where no cables are laying around everywhere. We empower and connect the modern workspace with the most ergonomic docking solution.

Power by Contact® wireless charging for professional tools


your business

Professionals have no time handling tangled cables or charging issues.

Tools out of battery are a major hurdle to your productivity. Simply drop and charge your tools and monitor actively their status.

Power by Contact® wireless charging for charging devices at home

A cable-free


Remove cables from your everyday life and discover a new way to seamlessly charge all your devices!

With Power by Contact®, it is possible to charge all your devices simultaneously on one single charging mat. We provide multivoltage compatibility and uncompromised charging efficiency.

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lenovo thinkbook wireless dock station

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