Luxshare reveals a strategic partnership with energysquare

Luxshare Precision Industry Co., a global ODM service provider with 20 years of experience in manufacturing cable assembly and connector system, is proud to reveal a strategic partnership with Energysquare, a French company known for developing innovative Power by Contact® (PbC) cableless charging technology. Power by Contact® is the breakthrough technology that cablelessly and efficiently powers Lenovo’s latest ThinkBook 13Xi notebook, with the ThinkBook wireless dock, 1st of its kind. Luxshare Precision and Energysquare have been collaborating since 2019 to revolutionize the charging and connectivity experience for electronic device end-users and improve productivity in enterprise environments by integrating Energysquare’s contact-based cable-free charging technology. To this end, Luxshare Precision has signed a licensing agreement with Energysquare to exploit Energysquare’s technology and deploy it in various device ecosystems. Today, Luxshare Precision has the know-how and the team of experts to support its customers and enhance their products with the most efficient and ergonomic cableless charging technology on the market (98% of energy transfer efficiency).

About Luxshare Precision Industry Co.

Luxshare Precision is a global designer and manufacturer of cable assembly and connector system solutions for consumer, automotive, cloud, and enterprise applications. Dedicated to flexible design, agile manufacturing, and collaborative partnerships, they work with technology leaders to create innovative solutions that transform our industries.

About energysquare

Energysquare, a French company founded in 2015, is developing the new wireless charging technology Power by Contact®. Unlike inductive charging technologies on the market, Power by Contact® allows the wireless charging of several devices simultaneously, at the same speed as a conventional charger, at high power and without energy loss. The company, which has a large portfolio of international patents, provides licenses of this technology to international electronic device manufacturers.

About Power by Contact® technology

Unlike the induction charging solutions currently on the market, Power by Contact®, operating by conduction, is a concentrate of advanced microelectronics and algorithms that allow users to charge all their devices simultaneously on a full surface, at maximum speed, without electromagnetic waves. This has many advantages for users: no interference, no overheating, no energy loss, free positioning. In addition, Power by Contact® is the first technology that enables cableless charging for any laptop.

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