Energysquare and BizLink announce a partnership today

Energysquare and BizLink today announce a partnership to bring their cableless charging solution to market, leveraging their combined expertise to initiate new product development based on the innovative technology Power by Contact®. Power by Contact® is the technology that enables Lenovo’s ThinkBook 13Xi notebook and Lenovo Go USB C wireless charging kit to be powered wirelessly. BizLink and Energysquare are collaborating to develop new efficient cableless charging scenarios in the workspace environment and to optimize the user-experience for unified powering of various electronic devices. Their offer will lead to ergonomics, efficient charging, connectivity for PC peripherals and enhance productivity. With Energysquare PbC® charging technology and BizLink’s docking station/peripheral connectivity solutions, the perfect combination will disruptively improve the way we work in the offices and at home.

About Bizlink

BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Their very first products were IT industry power cord sets. Since then, BizLink has aimed to achieve a higher diversity level of interconnect solutions with regard to essential components, harnesses and cables. They supply products for various industry sectors worldwide including IT Infrastructure, Client Peripherals, Optical Fiber Communications, Telecom and Networking, Electrical Appliances, Healthcare, Factory Automation, Machinery and Sensors, Motor Vehicle, Rolling Stock, Marine, Industrial and Solar. The company supports environmentally-conscious industries, creating innovative products and services that improve people’s lives. BizLink also specializes in offering one-stop EMS and NPI services based on customer’s requests, keeping collaborating closely with customers to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

About energysquare

Energysquare, a French company founded in 2015, is developing the new wireless charging technology Power by Contact® . Unlike inductive charging technologies on the market, Power by Contact® allows the wireless charging of several devices simultaneously, at the same speed as a conventional charger, at high power and without
energy loss. The company, which has a large portfolio of international patents, provides
licenses of this technology to international electronic device manufacturers.

About Power by Contact® technology

Unlike the induction charging solutions currently on the market, Power by Contact® operating by conduction, is a concentrate of advanced microelectronics and algorithms. It allows users to charge all their devices simultaneously on a full surface at maximum speed, without electromagnetic waves. This has many advantages for users: no interference, no overheating, no energy loss, and free positioning. Power by Contact® is also the first technology that allows any laptop to be charged cablelessly.

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